Utility Inspection

The landscape of utility infrastructure is vast and complex. It can take an impractical amount of time to inspect remote areas with a vehicle, or on foot. With a helicopter we can cover multiple hundred miles of line in a single day identifying problem spots much faster, enabling your crew to restore service as quickly as possible. Identifying line issues or storm damage quickly helps the energy provider minimize downtime by identifying the location where repair crews must be dispatched immediately. Helicopter flight services also help engineers plan new routes, identify terrain challenges in the planning phase, gps map potential routes, identify right of way and much more.

Our pilots are used to flying in the metro New York & New Jersey airspace at low altitudes with the safety of our crew and passengers as top priority. If necessary for photographic documentation, we can remove one or more of the helicopters doors at the clients request. We are on call for any powerline and pipeline inspection needs seven days a week. For more information please contact us directly.