Garden State Helicopters is a helicopter flight training facility that focuses on quality over quantity, we dedicate our resources to each individual student to create an environment that places emphasis on not only remembering lesson content, but also truly understanding the intricacies of aviation. We are passionate about aviation and would like to share that same love for flight with all of our students. Garden State Helicopters provides flight training ranging from entry level private pilot training, to rotorcraft add-on ratings for fixed wing pilots that are looking to experience helicopters, all the way to an A through Z professional pilot track.

Garden State Helicopters offers the following programs:

• Introductory Flight Lessons
• Private Pilot Rating
• Rotorcraft Private Pilot Add-On Rating For Fixed Wing Pilots
• Commercial Pilot Rating
• Rotorcraft Commercial Pilot Add-On Rating For Fixed Wing Pilots
• Certified Flight Instructor Rating

Garden State Helicopter Flight Programs

Introductory Flight Lessons

The sensation of being able to hover and navigate an aircraft into confined spaces is an experience that cannot be read about, it must be experienced to truly understand the incredible view. Garden State Helicopters offers a variety of introductory flight lesson options in order to allow perspective students the opportunity to experience helicopters on their own terms. Ranging from 15min flights just to get a taste, all the way to a full hour long lesson with a thorough ground to dive right in, we will work with you to custom tailor your introductory flight lesson to suit your needs.

Private Pilot Rating

The Private Pilot Helicopter Rating is intended for those that want to fly helicopters casually for personal or business purposes, and the first step for those that aspire to go on to advanced helicopter ratings or would like to become a professional pilot. Garden State Helicopters will spend time one on one with students and fully immerse them into the world of aviation in order to ensure that by the time they are ready for their check ride they will be the best and safest pilot possible. It is our priority that our graduating students feel at home in the pilot’s seat in a helicopter and ready to explore!

Commercial Pilot Rating

In order to be able to be compensated for flying a pilot must possess a Commercial Pilot Rating, which focuses on pilots having a better understanding of aircraft systems and possess a higher standard of airmanship. This certificate is the second step for those who aspire to become Professional Helicopter Pilots and/or Certified Flight Instructors. Pilots must possess a valid Private Helicopter Helicopter Rating before being able to advance on to the Commercial Helicopter Pilot Certificate. Garden State Helicopters will work with pilots to hone in their systems knowledge and airmanship!

Certified Flight Instructor

In order to be able to share your passion for aviation and be able to instructor others it is required that pilots possess a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. Our goal at Garden State Helicopters is to prepare you to meet the strict training and safety standards that are demanded of certified flight instructors, as being an instructor carries a substantial amount of responsibility, not only for the aircraft that you fly, but also the students that you teach. During this program you will spend a significant amount of time preparing lesson plans and practicing instructional techniques while refining your airmanship.

Private Pilot Rotorcraft Add-On

Pilots inherently possess the desire to explore and experience all that the aviation world can provide, opposed to planes, helicopters provides pilots with the opportunity to fly lower and slower to soak in the scenery and get a different perspective. Not to mention that awesome ability of being able to land in remote and isolated areas without needing much room. Garden State Helicopters provides fixed wing pilots with the necessary ground school and flight training in order to prepare you for your add-on check ride. We truly enjoy sharing our passion for helicopters, and look forward to showing fixed wing pilots what helicopters are capable of!

Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Add-On

The Commercial Pilot Add-On for fixed wing pilots is very similar to the Commercial Helicopter Pilot Certificate, minus the required flight hours that would need to be built. The same subjects that are covered during the private pilot add-on are expanded upon, in conjunction with advanced helicopter operations, review pinnacles and confined area operations, and expanded instruction on simulated emergencies. Commercial operations in helicopters greatly contrast those of fixed wing commercial operations, and as a result we at Garden State Helicopters will emphasize the required material to ensure your check ride with the FAA goes flawlessly!